Advancing Fintech in the Carolinas

With a unique combination of banks, Fintech startups, and talent, the Carolinas provide a rich ecosystem for companies and individuals looking to build, learn or grow in the field.

People of Fintech: William Bissett

Name: William Bissett Company: Secrest Blakey & Associates Social Platform (LinkedIn, Twitter etc): @wbbissett, Background:  Economics, NC State. Private Wealth Management/Fiduciary. I also had a software as a service startup, Principled Heart, I started in 2012. Connection to Carolina Fintech Hub (CFH): ...
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Our Next Event

  1. Automotive Intelligence Summit

    July 24 - July 26

    KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Technology is evolving at an exciting pace. Artificial intelligence. Blockchain. Mobile e-commerce. Ride sharing. They’re not fictional. If they’re not already being utilized at your company, they’re being incubated. The Automotive Intelligence Summit (AIS) 2018 is delivering the opportunity to connect with leading minds who are involved within the automotive, auto finance […]

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