2018 Fall Hackathon

Carolina Fintech Hub is excited to announce its Fall 2018 Carolina Hackathon! We are looking for teams of bright, motivated, and capable students to solve real-world problems. This intensive month-long journey will conclude with the top 3 teams presenting at this year’s Southeast Fintech Ventures Conference in Charlotte, NC, where the winning team will go home with $10,000.

Hackathon Challenge

Students are allowed freedom to express creativity within their business case and encouraged to develop unique solutions — with an emphasis on using the latest technology like machine learning or blockchain.

We’ll be announcing the three Challenge Statements during our Virtual Kickoff October 19th.

The Competition: Campus, Regionals, Finals

Virtual Launch — COMPLETE

CFH will hold a virtual meeting to initiate the hackathon kickoff where we will announce the three problem statements. We’ll discuss the goal of the hackathon, why our anchor partners think it is important to sponsor activities like this, elaborate on the rules and judging criteria of the hackathon. At this point, the hackathon will start and the students will have roughly 48 hours to finish their project.

Campus Finals — COMPLETE

Each university will conclude the 48-hour hack by allowing the students an opportunity to present their work. Universities will be responsible for identifying three champion teams to represent their school.

Regional Finals — COMPLETE

Winners of the campus finals will move on to the regional competition. Teams will be allowed to continue working on their projects as they see fit, and will be matched with a mentor from one of our sponsor companies. The mentors will help take their submissions to the next level, and will help students create compelling business solutions. Teams will be expected to submit a virtual presentation and supporting documentation by Wednesday, Nov 7th.

We’re happy to announce that Cognizant, a proud CFH member, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will be sponsoring $500 of AWS credits for each of the Regional Final teams. This means you can further enhance your first round product and explore the powerful offerings from AWS.

In the submission, students will create a 5-10 minute video presentation highlighting their business proposal and solution. Code and additional technical detail will be accepted in whatever format is preferred by the student.

Once all submissions have been reviewed, the CFH judging committee will announce the top three finalists on Friday, Nov 9th. The top three teams will present at the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, Nov 14th for their chance to win $10,000 (hotels will be provided).

Finals — Nov 14th Southeast Fintech Venture Conference sponsored by CFH – COMPLETE

The Southeast Fintech Venture Conference is one of CFH’s annual marquee events, bringing together business leaders and executives for lively discussions around all of the industries latest trends and insights.

During the event,  the top three finalist teams will present their work in front of this high profile audience on the main stage. The judges will meet, cast a verdict, and award a champion that we will announce during the event.

The winning team will receive a $10,000. All three finalist teams will spend time with top Executives from the Carolina Fintech Hub sponsor companies (hint: a great time to make an impression!).

CONGRATULATIONS WADS.IO from UNCC, our Hackathon Winning Team.

Congratulations to Data Spartans and Milleniares on making the finalists.

Thank you to all the teams, faculty, and volunteers! We’ll see you next year.

Team Size

3 – 5 People

*Individuals may register. They will be placed with a team that compliments their skills and background.

Submission Guidelines

Each team must submit their presentation and have no code changes by the given deadline for each round.

For the campus finals, each team will have 5 minutes to present their solution followed by 5 minutes of questions. Since the regional finals will be a virtual submission, there will be no Q/A session. Instead, students will submit a 10 minute video along with whatever supplementary material they deem pertinent to their submission.

Each team must submit:

  1. A presentation
  2. Demoable product
  3. Link to Github Repository
    • Code
    • Any other documentation the team thinks is relevant

Judging Criteria

Applicability to the Hackathon Challenge Topics: How closely does the solution align with one of the three challenge themes?

Uniqueness of the solution: How novel is the solution’s approach?

Real-world application: How likely is this to be a solution used by consumers? Do you think the idea has the potential as a stand alone company or vendor of incumbent institution?

Use of cutting-edge technology to solve problem: Student Teams successfully leveraging new technologies as a material component of their solution should be given preference. (I.e. machine learning, blockchain). For example, someone who uses a machine learning or blockchain solution for a non-critical component of their product will receive a lower ranking.


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