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Jul 14, 2022

Tyler Heun, Director, Checkout.com – Tokenization and Payment Orchestration

Tyler Heun walks PayCLT through tokenization and payment orchestration based on his experience across issuers, PayPal and CKO

Tokenization is not a new concept, but there are many different flavors of tokenization and it can be hard to know which version is better. Merchant? Acquirer? Network? Tyler will bring PayCLT the in-depth story to each tokenization variety and how all schemes can come together in a payments orchestration layer that utilizes a multi-acquirer strategy to optimize payment performance.


Tyler is a senior payments leader for Checkout.com where he leads a team of senior payments professionals. His experience involves working with Fortune 100 global technology, streaming media, gaming and digital clients helping control cost, reduce fraud, automate reconciliation, attract new customers, and grow internationally while minimizing FX cost and exposure. His passion is building lasting relationships and driving positive change for clients and the payments ecosystem.

Checkout.com is a full-stack payments company offering pay in, pay out, issuing and marketplace processing in over 150 auth currencies, 20+ settlement currencies, and all relevant local payment methods (APM’s). Checkout is a gateway, an acquirer, a risk engine and a payment processor. Checkout.com supports card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Alipay, bank transfers, BNPL, SEPA direct debits and even cash payments through various local networks. Checkout.com is headquartered in London with offices all over the world, with its primary USA location being in New York City.