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Jun 16, 2021

[Webinar]: Decrease Fraud by Over 80% with AI

Register here to save your spot: https://www.h2o.ai/webinar-decrease-fraud-with-ai/?utm_medium=Organic-Social&utm_source=meetup&utm_campaign=NSB0621

The power of avoiding and detecting fraud in advance is clear: a few hours can have a major impact on losses. There are a host of challenges in all industries – from financial services to retail and healthcare – that need to be addressed to detect fraudulent behavior and suspicious activities. The risk especially to B2C companies is large considering the acceleration of global e-commerce. This is why companies at risk of fraud invest in machine learning as a preemptive approach to tackling this problem.

As a business leader, you ask yourself: how can I start implementing this AI initiative in my organization? What are the initial steps? What should I prioritize? How to measure the outcomes? In this virtual event, we will go over fraud detection and prevention across various industries with real-world examples, demonstrating how H2O.ai has helped some of its customers, such as AT&T and PayPal. The goal is to provide our audience with a playbook on general relevant actions on how to detect and prevent fraud using AI.

Speaker: Ashrith Barthur, Principal Security Data Scientist at H2O.ai


June 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Online event


Charlotte Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning