What is the Career Technology Apprenticeship Cohort (CTAC)?

The CTAC program offers paid professional development to underserved, motivated adults in the Carolinas. What that means is that we will pay you, teach you, and place you in a full-time job after you graduate.

Imagine being paid a $35,000 salary to go to school, meet new people, and learn a highly sought-after skill, all while knowing you will start a lucrative career in technology as soon as you graduate no matter your experience, income, or background. Well, the CTAC program offers you that exact opportunity!

During the program participants will learn how to code (even if they’ve never coded before!), practice “thinking like a technologist”, and develop their soft skills all while receiving ~$18/hr for 40 hours per week. Upon successful completion of the intensive 24-week program, the participant will be offered full-time employment at a predetermined sponsor institution making a salary of $55,000/yr. Many of our graduates have gone on to make six-figure salaries within 1-3 years after graduating and you can too.

If you wish to learn more and apply see below.

Mission Outcomes:

  • Provide upward mobility opportunities for underserved communities
  • Combat the perceived lack of technology talent in the region
  • Increase the number of minorities and women pursuing careers in technology

Who Hires CTAC Graduates and Why?

Some of our hiring partners include Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Truist, Barings, Ally, EY, Lowe’s, US Bank, Live Oak Bank, and many, many more.

Our partners see the CTAC program as a bold and audacious pathway to unlock untapped talent in the community. Through this initiative, sponsor companies will receive and onboard qualified talent while also making an impact on the community they serve, a true win-win scenario.

Interested in Applying for CTAC?

Applications for Cohort 4 – Spring 2022 are now CLOSED.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Watch a recent virtual information session (9.22.2021)

We will host additional CTAC Info Sessions and will announce those dates as they become available. Our team will also post recordings of the virtual sessions after each event.

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Pipeline & Screening

If you are a motivated individual looking for a chance to make a huge positive change in your career and want to work in an in-demand technology role, apply for the CTAC program today. Here is an outline of our screening process:

  • Virtual Registration

    Sign up with our mailing list to receive updates about the CTAC program.

  • Online Aptitude Assessment

    An untimed multiple choice aptitude test that evaluates your usage of resources.

  • Online Written-Response Questionaire

    Short answer written questions that evaluates your ability to think critically.

  • Interview

    Those who submit exceptional assessments and written responses will be asked to attend an interview.


Our curriculum concentrates on four focus areas

  • Technical proficiency

    Don’t know how to code? No problem. We will teach you.

  • Soft-skills

    Learn to communicate and collaborate with others, practice empathy, and increase your emotional intelligence.

  • On-the-job Training

    During the second half of the training program, you will actually start working the job you will transition to once you graduate.

  • Mentorship

    Professionals from a variety of different industries will also mentor you one-on-one to make sure you are starting to network and build the relationships you need to foster a meaningful career.

Placement and Program Outcomes

Our CTAC graduates become developers at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, EY, Truist, and Ally with a starting salary of $55k. Our hiring sponsor list continues to grow and includes more companies than those stated. Our expectation is that the CTAC graduates will be on a pathway to catapult their socio-economic status and be able to traverse their careers just as successfully and efficiently as a candidate from a four-year university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Community Partners?

The Career Technology Apprenticeship Cohort (CTAC) will offer paid professional development and a job on day one in the Carolinas. Upon successful completion of the intensive 6-month program, the participant will continue their full-time employment at a participating
institution (listed below).

  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • BB&T
  • Ally
  • EY
  • And many more!
What makes a good candidate for CTAC?
  • A motivated person who may not have a traditional route to explore technology opportunities today
  • Strong interest in jobs within the technology industry
  • High aptitude for learning and soft skill development. Ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to be successful in a game-changing career
What is the application process?

Applicants who believe they have what it takes to be successful in CTAC start by filling out the basic two-part application above.

If they pass the initial assessment, selected applicants will receive an interview.

At this point, if an applicant is accepted into the CTAC program they will begin their new career and start getting paid.

What will I learn?

Gain experience both in and out of the classroom. Over 700 hours of classroom instruction plus part-time office exposure, all while getting paid!

  • 24-week technology training program (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, and more)
  • Soft-skills training
  • On-the-job training
Who are the participating institutions?
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • Truist
  • Ally
  • EY
  • And More!
What does a job look like?

Jobs will vary depending on the institution; however, you can expect to be part of the technology side of the house. Jobs will range from junior developers, QA testers, prototypers, and technical operations staff.

How much does this program cost?

Nothing! Matter of fact, we are paying you! (~$30-35k pro-rated annualized salary)

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the program?

Yes! Graduation is contingent upon passing all ongoing assessment, however if you make it to the end of the program, you will transition into a full-time role at one of our partner institutions.

What resources are available to students?

For students accepted into the program, Carolina Fintech Hub will work with our community partners to provide laptops and technology tools, along with additional wrap-around services. For example, if a student is having a hard time commuting to the Uptown location, we will work with them to provide public transportation. Similar resources are available and we encourage all students to communicate possible resource limitations during the time of their interview (this will NOT impact the applicants’ admission decision).

How long is the program?

The program is 24 weeks long

When is training?

Training will take place Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm.

Where does the training take place?

We are located in Charlotte, NC.

Who is the Carolina Fintech Hub and why are they doing this?

Carolina Fintech Hub is a nonprofit partnership of leading financial services firms, fintech companies, universities, and government working to fuel the future growth and success of emerging financial technologies. By fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, we ensure fintech in all verticals have access to the talent, capital, financial industry expertise, and strategic alliances they need to succeed.

Our partners see the CTAC program as a bold and audacious pathway to unlock untapped talent in the community. Through this initiative, sponsor companies will receive an onboard qualified talent while also making an impact on the community they serve, a true win-win scenario.


Our hypothesis is that the limiting factor for most people who are struggling to get their career started isn’t aptitude, it’s resource constraint. Therefore, applicants accepted into the CTAC program will receive all the resources and wrap-around services needed to alleviate and address pressing issues like housing, childcare, transportation, and many more. On top of that, we will pay you a full-time salary starting on day one between $30-35k which will increase as you progress through the program. Community partners provide:


Career Coaching

Counseling Services

Food Stability

Financial Literacy







WIN/CTAC In The News

What are the CTAC Participants Saying?

“Despite earning my degree from the Wharton School of Business, the last decade has been mired with various jobs and experiences far from any semblance of a meaningful career. Now, thanks to Carolina Fintech, once shattered dreams are in reach and I will be able to more positively influence my family, community, and generations to come.”

Prentice Bess, Wells Fargo

“While I've always possessed the ambition and the fundamental talent to reach extraordinary heights, I struggled to maintain faith in myself as circumstances threw me far from my imagined path. I'm now fighting to rebuild the hope that once drove me, and I'm determined to seize this opportunity to learn from brilliant people in an ever-evolving field, to master a new skill, and, ultimately, to provide lasting security to my family.”

Torie Dominguez, BAC

“Despite obtaining a master’s degree, no amount of education, experience gained, or time worked has helped me secure a full-time opportunity that provides a suitable quality of life for my children. Becoming a developer will not only help me with my career and professional development but it will allow me to grow by learning something new everyday.”

Tiquila McNeill, EY

Become a Sponsor

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for CTAC, please email pasha.maher@carolinafintechhub.org for more information!