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October 13, 2020

WIN Cohort 3 — Aptitude Test

WIN Cohort 3 Aptitude Test

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  • WIN Cohort 3 Aptitude Test

    Answer the questions below to the best of your ability using ONLY yourself and your own research. You are allowed to use Google and a calculator to help answer these questions by looking at formulas or similar examples, but please do not copy the exact answers from another person or consult any other people for help on this test. You are more than welcome to record your answers and come back to this test (just don't hit submit!), or spend several days going through the test. We will only grade one submission from each candidate, so whichever submission is your first (and hopefully only) submission will be graded and recorded. Our expectation is that you will take your time, use the internet to help, and complete this test entirely on your own, potentially over the course of several days, although someone with a strong math background could potentially finish this entire test in under an hour. There is no time limit so do not feel pressured to finish early. Take as long as you'd like! Good luck! And don't cheat by getting help from someone else (son/daughter, friend, literally anyone) or you will be immediately disqualified 🙂
  • The astrophysicist argues that our books and films about interstellar space travel are a form of mass ______________, and that only a miracle on a scale heretofore unseen could allow a human being to voyage to even the closest star in another solar system.
  • The plan, if it can be called that, has been more of (i)_______________ vision than a concrete proposal; like many similarly (ii)_____________ ideas, it is unlikely to ever come to fruition
  • Though many readers assumed that the (i)__________ depicted in her stories reflected the author's own lifestyle, in reality she was more prudish than (ii)___________ .
  • Notwithstanding the mishmash of worn tools littering every surface of the artist's studio, the place exuded a certain sense of order manifest through the clutter; the decor was, if (i) __________ , (ii) __________ .
  • The music of the late '70s is often described as __________, despite the notable exception of a few innovators in the budding punk and hip-hop scenes.
  • Although accommodating in person, George Orwell __________ defended his political positions in print.
  • It is in the best interest of criminal defendants to appear __________ in front of the judge, showing that not all moral sympathy is lost on them.
  • "Serious individual art collectors are usually discreet when making significant purchases or sales related to their collections. At art auctions, for example, these collectors often place anonymous bids for major artwork. Therefore, the whereabouts of most of the world's most valuable artwork are probably unknown."

    Each of the following, if true, would weaken the conclusion above EXCEPT:
  • "Recent research has indicated that married people are not only happier than unmarried people, but also healthier. This study has been widely reported by the media, with most commentators concluding that being married is good for one's health and attitude." The conclusion of the media commentators depends on which of the following assumptions?
  • "Implementing extensive wireless networks in cities would be a practical way to meet the needs of city households, schools, and businesses. Rural communities have found that wireless networks are both more reliable and cheaper than land-based networks." Which of the following would most likely be cited by a supporter of the argument?
  • In a certain ancient kingdom, the standard unit of measure was the "crown," equal to 10 standard modern inches. An alternative unit of measure was the "scepter," equal to 14 standard modern inches. If a tower measure 70 crowns tall, how many scepters tall was it?
  • Quantity A = "(5^3) - (5^2)"; Quantity B = "5"
  • Quantity A = "-10 - (-3)^2"; Quantity B = "-[10+(-3)^2]"
  • On a certain train, tickets cost $6 each for children and $9 each for adults. The total train ticket cost for a certain group of six passengers was between $44 and $50. Quantity A = "The number of children in the group"; Quantity B = "The number of adults in the group"
  • Alfred's Coffee Shop offers a "buy six cups of coffee, get one free" discount, and Boris's Coffee Shop offers 15%. Quantity A = "The total cost for one order of seven single cups of coffee from Alfred's"; Quantity B = "The total cost for one order of seven single cups of coffee from Boris's"
  • -5 is 7 more than -z ; Quantity A = "z"; Quantity B = "-12"
  • x=2 ; Quantity A = "x^2 - 4x + 3"; Quantity B = "1"
  • -(x)^3 = 64 ; Quantity A = "x^4"; Quantity B = "x^5"
  • Which of the following is equal to (x-2)^2 + (x-1)^2 + x^2 + (x+1)^2 + (x+2)^2
  • A is directly proportional to B. If A=8 when B=2, what is A when B=4?
  • 7y - 3 <= 4y + 9 ; Quantity A = "y"; Quantity B = "4"
  • 3|x-4| = 16 ; Quantity A = "x"; Quantity B = "(28/3)"
  • There are three assumptions for this problem, 1. |-x| >= 6 , 2. x(y^2) < 0, and 3. y is an integer. Quantity A = "x"; Quantity B = "-4"
  • A bicycle wheel has spokes that go from a center point in the hub to equally spaced points on the rim of the wheel. If there are fewer than six spokes, what is the smallest possible angle between any two spokes in degrees?
  • |x^3|<64. Quantity A = "-x"; Quantity B = "-|x|"
  • If f(x) = x^2 -1, what is the value of f(y) + f(-1)?
  • The expression "x$y" is defined as "(x^2) / y" where y is not equal to zero. What is the value of "9$(6$2)"?
  • Amy deposited $1,000 into an account that earns 8% annual interest compounded every 6 months. Bob deposited $1,000 into an account that earns 8% annual interest compounded quarterly. If neither Amy nor Bob makes any additional deposits or withdrawals, in 6 months how much more money will Bob have in his account than will Amy have in hers?
  • Each term of a certain sequence is calculated by adding a particular constant to the previous term. The 2nd term of this sequence is 27 and the 5th term is 84. What is the 1st term of this sequence?
  • If f(x)=x^2, which of the following is equal to f(m+n) + f(m-n)?
  • Three friends ate 14 slices of pizza. If two of the friends ate the same number of slices, and the third ate two more slices than each of the other two, how many slices were eaten by the third friend?
  • Norman is 12 years older than Michael. In 6 years, he will be twice as old as Michael. How old is Michael now?
  • Two runners' race times sum to 170 seconds and one of the race times is 10 seconds less than twice the other. What is the faster race time, in seconds?
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting is installed in a certain hallway. The carpeting costs $4.25 per square foot. If the perimeter of the hallway (in feet) is equal to 44% of the area of the hallway (in square feet) and the hallway is 50 feet long, how much did the carpeting cost?
  • The "aspect ratio" of a computer monitor is the ratio of the monitor's width to its height. If a particular monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a perimeter of 100 inches, how many inches wide is the monitor?
  • The average (arithmetic mean) of x and y is 55. The average of y and z is 75. Quantity A = "z-x"; Quantity B = "40"
  • If the average (arithmetic mean) of n and 11 is equal to 2n, what is the average of n and 13/3?
  • John bought books with an average (arithmetic mean) price of $12. If John then buys another book with a price of $18, what is the average price of all 6 books?
  • At a certain school, all 118 juniors have an average (arithmetic mean) final exam score of 88 and all 100 seniors have an average final exam score of 92. Quantity A = "The average (arithmetic mean) final exam score for all of the juniors and seniors combined"; Quantity B = "90"
  • Set A: "1, 3, 5, 7, 9" and Set B: "6, 8, 10, 12, 14"; For these two sets, which of the following statements are true? Indicate ALL such answers
  • A 6-sided cube has faces numbered 1 through 6. If the cube is rolled twice, what is the probability that the sum of the two rolls is 8?
  • A class consists of 12 girls and 20 boys. One quarter of the girls in the class have blue eyes. If a child is selected at random from the class, what is the probability that the child is a girl who does not have blue eyes?
  • A circle's area equals its circumference. What is its radius?
  • If the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 8(√2), what is the area of the triangle?
  • What is the slope of a line that passes through the points (-4, 5) and (1, 2)?
  • A rectangular box has a length of 6 centimeters, a width of 8 centimeters, and a height of 10 centimeters. What is the length of the diagonal of the box, in centimeters?
  • A bag contains 3 white, 4 black, and 2 red marbles. Two marbles are drawn from the bag. If replacement is NOT allowed, what is the probability that the second marble drawn will be red?
  • Bank account A contains exactly x dollars, an amount that will decrease by 10% each month for the next two months. Bank account B contains exactly y dollars, an amount that will increase by 20% each month for the next two months. If A and B contain the same amount at the end of two months, what is the ratio of (√x) to (√y)?
  • End of Test

    Please click below in order to submit your final responses for the WIN Cohort 3 Aptitude Test. As a reminder, anyone caught or suspected of cheating on this exam will be immediately disqualified for consideration into the program. (You are allowed to use whatever tools are at your disposal other than asking for help from another person).
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