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September 14, 2021

WIN Cohort 4 Application: Phase I — Case Study and Written Response

WIN Cohort 4 Application: Phase I -- Case Study and Written Response Form

Below you will find two sub-groups of questions, the case study followed by the written responses. No technical background is required in order to respond to either of these sections, however we do expect candidates to use the resources available to them to support their responses (don't be afraid to do research and use online tools).
  • Candidate Basic Information

    Before we begin, let's get some basic information from you.
  • Case Study

    An exceptional candidate's response will demonstrate their ability to think critically and analytically, be creative, and communicate effectively. This is your time to showcase how you think and what you are capable of delivering. Your responses to these questions will be weighted heavily in terms of your overall application, so make sure to spend an accordingly appropriate amount of time when responding to this section.
  • Support your answer with whatever information you believe to be relevant. Feel free to also make assumptions as long as you mention them in your response.
  • Do you approach your boss about the situation, talk to your co-worker, ignore the situation altogether, etc.? Explain your approach and your reasoning.
  • Jen’s Flowers, a local florist in a small rural town, has been in operation for over 8 years and many residents are loyal customers. The area they are located in has been expanding and they wish to remain relevant with the growing population. Prepare a presentation on how this small business can accomplish widening its reach to the new residents using digital tools such as a website, social media, etc. Feel free to use the space below or attach files as you see necessary.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.
  • No previous design experience is required. If you don't have software on your computer to make a flyer, you can use whatever free online tool you prefer (ex -- Canva). Once finished, please upload your image file for us to review.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
    • Written Response

      This section is our opportunity to hear about your life, your perspective, and understand who you are as a person. Great responses will clearly communicate a candidate's emotional intelligence and motivation for succeeding in the program.
    • Note: Hardships look different for everybody. If you've struggled with homelessness, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, or even if you are financially secure but just not able to find a job paying a livable wage, employment hurdles and wage stagnation can be a serious burden. Whatever your circumstance may be, rest assured that it will not impact your likelihood of being accepted into the program. There are no "minimum" criteria a candidate must satisfy in order to qualify.
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