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June 24, 2020

YTAC Application

Y-TAC: from eSports to STEM
Charlotte’s 1st Youth Technology Apprenticeship Camp

YTAC is a 1st of its kind workforce training program for youth that intertwines esports competition and game development with custom development curriculum that exposes High School students not planning to head to a 4 year University to a career pathway in technology. Said another way, this program meets students in areas that naturally interest them, and uses e-sports and friendly competition as a gateway to STEM, and how technology and coding can offer an exciting career and life.

The Carolina Fintech Hub and CELC, in partnership with the Bank of America, CMS, and the City of Charlotte are now accepting CMS students to be participants in the second Cohort of YTAC.


What can participants that are accepted into the program expect on a day to day basis?

  • From 9:30-10:30am each day they will be in smaller virtual breakout groups where they will be working on their project work, labs, and building their own game in a hackathon competition.
  • From 10:30-12:00pm they will participate in the esports competition each day. Each day and week will bring different games and different competitions in elimination and round-robin formats. There will be overall leaderboards updated over the entire month, and competitions will be livestreamed for all of Charlotte and the e-sports world to tune in each day.
  • From 1:00-5:00pm they will enter the classroom where they will receive training that positions them to become full stack developers and enter careers in technology.

Oh… and they will also be paid the equivalent of over $10 an hour, receive an apprenticeship credential for their resume, and have the opportunity to be pre-selected into the Carolina Fintech Hub Workforce Investment Network (WIN) Program, where they will be paid full time for an additional 6 months to learn to code and guaranteed a job at Charlotte’s top companies making $55K a year to start.

YTAC in the News:

Fill in the information below and you will be entered into the candidate pool. You will then receive instructions on how to complete your aptitude assessment. Don’t wait to apply – the sooner you apply the more time you will have to complete step 2 in the selection process. 


YTAC Application Submission Cohort 2 (new)

  • If your high school is not listed here, please specify your high school in the next field.
  • If your high school is not listed above, please specify the name here.
  • Once you have completed your high school degree, will you be continuing your education, starting work, or something different?
  • (It's completely ok if you don't)
  • 1) Windows 10 2) i5 Processor or better 3) 8GB of RAM or better 4) 250GB in HDD available 5) GTX 670 Graphics Card or better 6) DirectX Version 11.0 or better
  • PC games like Rocket League, Valorant, League of Legends, Call of Duty, etc.
  • (It is completely okay if you haven't even seen a line of code in your life, we just want to know what your starting point is)
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