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April 27, 2018

Company Profile: InfoSlips LLC

Company Name: InfoSlips LLC

Leadership Team:

Alan Burger (CEO), Jaco De Villiers (CFO), Deon Hills (COO), Daniel Friel (Chief Strategy Officer), Gary Clifford (National Business Development Executive)

Website/Social Media Platforms: 

Website :

Twitter   :


Company Overview:

At InfoSlips we have reinvented the digital document. The paper paradigm used for digital documents is old fashioned and no longer relevant.

Have you ever used a PDF document on a mobile phone, tablet or PC?
It is a pinch zoom and scroll nightmare. In fact, the current document format was invented in Germany in 1922, long before the consumer digital age.

The world-changing “secret sauce” of InfoSlips is a dynamic document format that adapts to the device it is being consumed on while providing an exceptional customer experience.

Customers invest vast sums of money and effort in applications to process and manipulate data, however when it comes to creating a statement of record (i.e. statements; invoices; reports etc.) they output to a flat and lifeless facsimile of paper. The best most people can do today with a PDF is cut and paste or maybe print the document to hardcopy.

With InfoSlips your documents behave more like applications with functionality to search, sort and filter, drill through, query, and export to Excel. Our award-winning technology has reinvented the digital document to provide a better value proposition to both businesses and recipients of documents.

Instead of confining ourselves to the limited thinking that digital documents need to look like paper, we started with a clean slate and built a new document format for the modern world. The document format and solution is called InfoSlips. The new InfoSlip document format complies with the electronic commerce laws governing, in various territories across the globe, digital documents. These laws dictate that statements of record (digital documents) must have the following attributes. They must be as encrypted; immutable and be retained for predefined periods.

Thousands of clients now use our documents in the Financial Services, Banking, HR & Payroll, Logistics, Insurance, and Investment industries not only to provide an exceptional client experience, but also drive designed business goals.

InfoSlip documents include the following features for recipients:

  • Adapt the experience to suit the device (mobile; tablet; laptop).
  • Are engaging and interactive.
  • Allow export of the data.
  • Instant query of transactions.
  • Search, filter and sorting of transactions.
  • Interactive infographics and data visualizations.
  • Allow them still to be printed and work as a paper document if required.

The business value of an InfoSlips digital document is underpinned by the thousands of clients and positive case studies. Ultimately, we have created documents that deliver real value to both the sender and the recipient of any InfoSlips Document. An idea that started  way back in 2005 in South Africa now positively impacts our clients around the world.

What is the inspiration for your company?

Paper was not built for the digital world. InfoSlips saw the need to create a new digital document format for the modern age that is useful and valuable to recipients.

Who is your competition and how do you distinguish your company?

Many of our competitors are stuck in the past and work with the paper paradigm and try and retrofit it into the digital world. Our competitors include any company providing digital document composition, and distribution services. However, the only competitors that replace the paper paradigm with a new digital format are Striata and Brite:bill.

What is your connection to the Carolinas and reason for joining Carolina Fintech Hub?

InfoSlips recently leased space in downtown Charlotte as the hub for their North American efforts. The CEO will be moving to the US next month. InfoSlips, being new to the area, is looking to get more involved with CFH!

Recent Accomplishments and Challenges:

InfoSlips recently entered Africa (outside of South Africa), Europe, & Asia, and is currently “growing up” in North America. Right now InfoSlips provides ~ 20 million InfoSlips per month globally and has several thousand business clients.

What is Next?… (for you, the industry, the next five years?)

InfoSlips has an ongoing Research and Development program, and the following are some of the recent and short-term future innovations being pursued

  • Voice query of documents (working in conjunction with Raleigh, NC based company).
  • Augmented Reality of paper documents to link to the digital world.
  • The inclusion of Personalized Video in documents.
  • New delivery channels using messaging channels (Facebook; WhatsApp) to cater for GenX, GenY and GenZ.
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