Hi, I’m Tariq Bokhari, Founder of the Carolina Fintech Hub and Charlotte City Councilman. Thanks for stopping by our communications HQ.

The Fintech Moshpit is a podcast that has evolved over time. In the beginning, it was focused solely on fintech in the Carolina region. Then it evolved to include broader tech topics and a global view. Then COVID-19 struck, and it evolved once again: this time into a way to deliver important content about tech & fintech, leadership, and small business in this time of crisis, and in the time of disruptive change sure to follow.

You will hear from top thought leaders and innovators in bite-sized segments on a daily basis. You will be able to watch it live-streamed, or on demand. And you will be able to subscribe through the channel you prefer. Our new partnership with the Charlotte Business Journal will enable us to spread important information and good news stories, as well as bring our community closer together in its greatest time of need.

So select your favorite ways to get content and updates below, and welcome to the Moshpit.

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