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THE network of payments professionals who mobilize, educate, and advocate for our payments community to help foster innovation and position Charlotte as a world-class leader in payments. Our mission is to facilitate the success of payCLT members through education, collaboration, and professional advocacy. The Charlotte Payments Initiative objective is to make Charlotte an acknowledged Payments Center of Excellence which will lead to more opportunities for Charlotte based payments professionals and further augment our already vibrant business community.

PayCLT Benefits

All CFH sponsors will receive the program benefits of CFH partner organizations such as PayCLT. Some examples of benefits include:

  • Network with local payment industry experts
  • Learn about payment products and services being developed in Charlotte
  • Discuss the impacts of changes across the payments industry 
  • Share best-in-class payment strategies and tactics​

Advancing the Global Agenda

The Carolina Fintech Hub is advancing the global Fintech innovation agenda with a holistic support of Fintechs while augmenting its anchor partners enterprise initiatives.

As Fintechs grow, the Carolina Fintech Hub focuses on results by giving companies ready to serve its anchor partners an accelerated path to business development – Deal Week. Deal Week gives promising companies unparalleled access to the world’s largest financial institutions to accelerate their efforts to change the industry.

Additionally, the Carolina Fintech Hub engages with both private and public entities to create an attractive business environment for their entire ecosystem. Fintech innovation is supported at every stage and there is no better environment to implement a new idea than the Carolinas.

“We recognized there was plenty of great mentorship, funding, and programs for maturing companies. We wanted to focus on deals – on helping reduce the sales cycles for truly innovative companies. That’s what Deal Week is about and both our partners and Fintechs find tremendous value.”

Deal Day

Monthly closed-door “Deal Day” sessions include:

  • Provides sponsors private access to highly-vetted, emerging companies who are ready to make a deal
  • Gives promising companies unparalleled access to the world’s largest financial services and insurance companies
  • Condense sales cycles from months to just one meeting