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Fintech Generations is one of the largest annual innovation fintech conferences in the world. Attendees come to Charlotte to see what is happening in one of the world’s most dynamic regions in fintech.

Fintech Generations 2019 Highlights:

  • 424 attendees – 4th consecutive year selling out
  • 189 companies represented
  • 10+ states
  • 300+ scheduled meetings
  • 56% of attendees Senior Level or above
  • 12% Fintech startups

The Insurtech Summit Agenda covers a range of topics that speak to the dynamism of Insurtech. Expand your network, learn from industry leaders, and meet the startups changing the future of insurance. 2019 marked a monumental moment in the history of Insurtech as CFH – along with the help of our amazing sponsors – was able to bring the first ever Insurtech Summit to the Carolinas. The Insurtech Summit is a collaboration with Fintech Generations.

Stay tuned for Insurtech Summit 2020!

Insurtech 2019 Highlights:

  • 130+ attendees
  • 5 Insurtech startup pitches
  • Keynote by AvidXchange COO
  • Presentations from Aflac Ventures, Sureify, and an EY Panel covering Banking + Insurance Convergence

Insurtech Sponsors

The Southeast Fintech Venture Conference is an all-day conference showcasing the top Fintech companies from the Southeast and connecting them with investors from around the globe. The Southeast Fintech Venture Conference is held annually in November and hosted by Barings. Speakers have included Rob Frohwein, Co-Founder of Kabbage, Paul Tyma, CTO of Lending Tree, and Johnson Cook of Greenlight Financial Technology.

With Charlotte as the second largest banking hub in the U.S., the Southeast is thriving as a top destination for fintech. In it’s 3rd year, the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference brings together the top Series A/B companies in the Southeast and investors from all across the nation, interested in the continued growth of the fintech scene in the Southeast.

Southeast Fintech Venture Conference 2018 Highlights:

  • 230 high-caliber attendees – 2nd consecutive year selling out
  • 17 States
  • 50% of attendees ranking Senior Level and above
  • 40 investor groups and 25 companies represented
  • 500 meetings

Fintech Moshpit

Whether you have a Fintech startup, have Fintech skills, are hiring for those skills, or just want to learn more about it…join the Carolina Fintech Hub.

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