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August 10, 2018

Company Profile: Syntelli Solutions

Company Name: Syntelli Solutions Inc.

Leadership Team:

Rishi Bhatnagar (CEO)

Frank Boncimino (President)

Shikha Kashyap (CTO)

Pete Murphy (Digital Transformation Officer)

Mohana Bhrugubanda (Director of Business Development)

Debbie Crawford (Director of Business Operations)

Tom Lehman (Director of Analytics)

Richard Park (Director of Platforms)

Javier Guillen (Director of Data Engineering)

Website/Social Platforms:






Company Overview (provide a brief paragraph about your company and mission)

“Syntelli” adopts ‘Synchronized Intelligence’ to create radical business strategies with underlying technology infrastructure, data ingestion, data processing, and technological challenges associated with data volumes, variety and/or velocity. We leverage the latest in data science, artificial intelligence, IoT, predictive analytics, and visualization techniques to enable better, faster business decisions and results

What is the inspiration for your company?

We believe in building smarter businesses by unlocking the power of data and algorithms.

Who is your competition and how do you distinguish your company? 

Syntelli Solutions specializes in helping our customers grow their data intelligence capabilities with a keen focus on data science, analytics and data platform solutions. We compete with the traditional large consulting companies, and several ‘big data’ companies and we regularly and consistently win work over these companies and other competition.

Our unique ‘Right to Left’ approach to driving business value and our highly educated and experienced knowledge pool is why our clients invite us to work on their analytics projects.

Our copyrighted 5D methodology is how we consistently deliver great solutions within time-lines and under budgets.

What is your connection to the Carolinas and why are the Carolinas a good place for a fintech? 

Syntelli Solutions was born and bred in Charlotte and turns 13 this August! When starting this company, little did our founders know that some of the top global companies will seek us out to help them with their analytics journey.

We have continued to be grow our leadership team in Charlotte and have directors who live all across town from Waxhaw to Lake Norman. Our leadership is deeply embedded in various non-profit initiatives in the town and the company supports initiatives to make Charlotte a hub for big data (via Analytics & Big Data Society) and to make Charlotte a tech destination (via Charlotte Area Technology Collaborative) and to foster the overall technology community (via SIM). We also support local universities and schools, consistently hiring talent and offering internships. So, for Syntelli, Charlotte is home base.

For many years, Charlotte was well known as a “Bank Town” and is still a major force in the banking sector. Early on, those banks also invested in financial technology innovation and deserve credit for most of the foundational breakthroughs such as internet banking, ATM advancements and mobile. However, financial services as an industry is wider and deeper than traditional core banking services. In recent years, companies have emerged in and around Charlotte and are developing innovative solutions for all financial services, including traditional banking.

Several factors make Charlotte an ideal place for Fintech to thrive:

  • Access to technology and business talent
  • Thriving economy
  • Moderate cost of living
  • Access to investment capital
  • Strong supply of higher education and research institutions
  • Attractive geographic proximity
  • Business friendly culture

What have been your recent accomplishments and challenges?


Data science and advanced analytics are the front line of discussions for businesses seeking to organize, monetize and leverage their data for competitive advantage. Syntelli has been fortunate to be on the forefront of this trend and is experiencing exponential growth as a result. Our company has seen an average of 50% annual growth in last few years as businesses seek to manufacture insights from their data and make their data a core business asset.

Client Successes

At Syntelli, we work with some of the most progressive clients across the east coast. Our clients are enjoying substantially improved costs, quality, speed to market, risk management and executive decision support processes. We have other clients who have just begun their journey into data and analytics, having us serve as their data science mindshare, who have validated their suspicions that valuable insights were waiting to be discovered in the information they already had.

Case Study Examples:

  1. A leading worldwide manufacturer has reduced time to address customer concerns in call center communications by leveraging text analytics. The gains in automation and call nature specificity have reduced overall call times by 30%.
  2. A financial services company has transitioned marketing operations analytic processes from commercial software platforms to open source technology – cutting significant expenses in the process. Processes are now fully automated which also frees significant human capital to focus on additional business opportunities.


With accelerated growth comes the inherent challenge to support and maintain that growth. Syntelli has been working hard to ensure the company scales and continues to grow in a stable, controlled manner. Nearly every internal function has been stretched to accommodate the exponential growth we have experienced over the past several years. We are currently performing organization design work to ensure we grow predictably over the next two to five years.

What is next for Syntelli Solutions and the industry in the next 5 years?

Data Aggregation and Predictive Analytics

As digital banking and financial services continue to accelerate, better data aggregation will be required. With better aggregation, the opportunity to accelerate predictive analytics is created. This is a core competence area for Syntelli Solutions and we anticipate developing breakthrough solutions for our clients.

Vertical Alignment

Syntelli supports customers across many vertical industries. We are witnessing foundational shifts in the manner that businesses operate that require acute specialization to remain relevant. Whether it be financial services regulation or healthcare compliance, nearly every industry has unique aspects of operation that only specialized research and experience can provide. Syntelli is working to address movement through education and hiring.

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Applying RPA to repetitive tasks is not new. However, the future of RPA appears to be improving through the application of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is another competence area for Syntelli Solutions. We anticipate additional growth in the AI space with our client base to improve operational processes such as call center interactions as well as functions supporting sales, marketing, compliance and risk management.

Distributed Ledger (aka Blockchain)

As distributed ledger systems mature, they will be used to facilitate transactions far beyond the popular digital currency uses today. Since the blockchain ecosystem essentially provides the secure and fast transfer of digital data between individual parties, Syntelli Solutions anticipates working with our clients to analyze and monitor the transfer, security, verification and compliance of these digital transactions.

Specialized Data Compliance

The universal truth about data is that it is produced and captured in ever increasing amounts and velocities. Storing, defining, handling, managing, shaping and analyzing data are core competencies for Syntelli Solutions. We anticipate helping our clients more effectively manage and analyze their growing data stores and assisting our financial services clients with visibility into those stores including helping them comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Payment Services Directive II (PSD2).

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