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June 29, 2018

Company Profile: Tradier

Company Name:
Tradier & Tradier Brokerage Member FINRA/SIPC
Leadership Team:
Dan Raju, CEO, Co-founder. Peter Laptewicz, President, Co-founder. Jason Barry, CTO, Co-founder. Jeyashree Chidambaram, VP Brokerage Tech, Co-founder. Paul Lee, COO & CCO.

Website/Social Platforms:
Twitter: @tradier

Company Overview:
Tradier is focused on providing financial technology solutions to investors, advisors, and businesses that are interested in integrating capital markets. We provide APIs and consulting services to facilitate market data, trading and account services for US-based equity and options. All of our APIs are free to use as a Tradier Brokerage account holder and our partner services are competitively priced to make integration possible for startups and enterprises. Tradier Brokerage, a subsidiary of Tradier, offers low-cost equities and options trading with flexible pricing models.

What is the inspiration for your company?
All of the co-founders spent a number of years in financial services companies watching the business move towards more and more proprietary technology. We saw an opportunity to offer a software-as-a-service brokerage that exposed solutions to common problems facing modern financial technology startups. We were among the first full-service brokerage APIs and continue towards leading the pack on integration services in the brokerage space.

Who is your competition and how do you distinguish your company?:
Big-name brokerages, like Interactive Brokers and TradeStation, provide the most challenge to our business model. These firms are seen as leaders in the brokerage space and are of a much larger size.

However, being a lean and technology driven company, we strive to be more agile and continually offer solutions that our customers need. Our partners have the ability to direct the Tradier roadmap and we make a number of releases throughout the year focusing directly on partner-driven product enhancements. Further, our pricing remains very competitive for option and equity traders looking for an innovative technology-focused broker.

What is your connection to the Carolinas and why are the Carolinas a good place to operate for a fintech?:
Tradier was founded in Charlotte, NC and many of the co-founders met working in financial services in the Charlotte area. There is an unparalleled value to being a financial services company in one of the most densely populated financial centers in the US. We’ve found it easy to find high-quality candidates to work for Tradier and convenient for travel in and out for business partners.

Further, Charlotte is more and more being seen as a hub for growing financial technology startups, which lends itself well to the Tradier story of being an innovator in that space.

Recent Accomplishments and Challenges:
Tradier has recently launched a number of new technology products including a fully simulated paper-trading environment and advanced trading API features. We’ve integrated with more partners than any equities or options broker in the US.

Further, last quarter we crossed a substantial statistical milestone, making Tradier one of the most active brokers in the US. This quarter we’re on pace to double our executions from last year’s performance.

What is Next?… For you, the industry?
As the financial services industry continues to consolidate, we hope to become one of the few main players offering a technology-first experience to our partners and customers. Our plan is to evolve our technology solutions and continue to outpace our competitors in showing what’s possible in the financial technology services industry. Cryptocurrency is a new line of business that cannot be ignored and we’re carefully watching to see how that will shape the industry going forward and how Tradier can leverage those products.

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Posted by Carson Truesdell