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Sep 20, 2023

Webinar: Make Your Own GPT With h2oGPT & H2O LLM Studio

[Register here](https://h2o.ai/events/webinar/make-your-own-gpt/) to attend!

Mark your calendars for September 20 (12pm EST/9am PST) for an exciting webinar, “Make Your Own GPT With h2oGPT and H2O LLM Studio,” hosted by [Rob Mulla](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxladMszXan-jfgzyeIMyvw), Kaggle Grandmaster and Sr. Principal Data Scientist, H2O.ai.

Discover how organizations are harnessing the power of h2oGPT, an authentic open-source generative AI, to take control of expansive language models while safeguarding their data ownership.

**Attend this webinar to learn:**

* How to find info 10x faster using our AI-powered search assistant
* Options for fine-tuning and different LLM backbones
* Different quantization options (Int8, float16, etc.)
* Different methods such as LoRA and Adaptive Filtering
* Available evaluation metrics and comparisons against GPT3.5

We hope you’re able to join us!


September 20, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Online event