How effective CRM optimization is the key to scaling your business

Online event

Join TTS & Jessica León, CEO of Jolly Inbound, who is a Hubspot specialist and will be sharing useful tips on the “when”, “why” and “how” to audit your CRM, tips on how to 10x your marketing & sales modules and a FREE template to get you started! CRM tools can be extremely powerful for […]

PayCLT 2022 End of Year Recap

PayCLT brings together a dynamite panel of industry leaders to dissect what happened in payments during 2022 and what's upcoming during 2023PayCLT is excited to have payments industry all-stars Jennifer Lucas (Head of Payments at EY), Margaret Weichert (North American Head of Payments at Accenture) and Scott Harkey (EVP Financial Services & Payments at Endava) […]

Break Into Tech with an ISA

Online event

Learn to code and only pay if/when you get a job making $65,000+! Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are the perfect way to learn the skills now and pay later! We know this sounds “too good to be true”, but if you've considered pursuing a career in technology, this is your chance! Tech Talent & Strategy […]


Online event

Details to come!

New Year’s Reflection & Goal Setting

AvidXchange Inc. 1210 AvidXChange Ln, Charlotte, NC

*When*: January 18, 2023, 4:30pm-6:30pm EST *Location*: AvidXchange Charlotte *Who*: Anyone (in person only) *Cost*: * Non-Members – $20 * Basic Paid Members – $15 * Mentorship Members – $0 * Volunteers/Leadership Board Member – $0 **About this Event:** This will be an interactive workshop where will be reflecting on the past year, looking at […]

New Year, New Career: Overcoming Real and Perceived Obstacles to Success

Online event

Happy 2023! Each new year, we as a society come up with goals that we would like to accomplish - some personal, and some career-related. In this event, we're here to talk about career-related goals, and how you can overcome real and perceived obstacles that have been keeping you from accomplishing these goals. 2023 is […]

PayCLT: Consumer Payments & ‘Authorized Fraud’

Join us to learn what expansion of consumer protections into 'authorized fraud' instances means for financial institutions.Chances are high that you or someone you know may have experienced attempted fraud or scam events in digital payment experiences recently. Historically, financial institutions have only had to provide protections for 'unauthorized transactions,' but regulations and public sentiment […]

Insights on Entrepreneurship and Embedded Banking

Method 201 S College St Suite 800, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is home to brilliant minds in banking who have launched impressive careers and products around the world. How did they do it, and what trends are they seeing in the industry? Join our leaders in financial services who have found success in both traditional banking and startups to hear about their entrepreneurial journeys from […]

Martin Omander From Google – Top 3 pain points for serverless developers

933 Louise Ave #101 933 Louise Ave #101, Charlotte, NC

To celebrate the Charlotte Chapter relaunch, Martin will discuss the 3 top obstacles for serverless developers and how to overcome them. Martin Omander works for Google in Mountain View, California. His job in the Developer Relations team is to help developers build better software, and improve Google's Cloud Platform to make it even better for […]