Leadership Team:

  • David Potter, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Abb Kapoor, Co-Founder & COO

Website/Social Platforms:

Company Overview (provide a brief paragraph about your company and mission):

Curu, which stands for ‘Credit Guru’, is a company that empowers millennials who are new to building credit. Curu provides a mobile platform for those transition to financial independence to sign up for their first credit accounts and secure their financial future. The application puts users on the right path to credit score success by providing the best financial products for their life position and then automating credit improvement to ensure they successfully qualify for cars, homes, and loans in the future.

What is the inspiration for your company?

The founders of Curu met their freshman year as randomly assigned roommates at the University of Maryland, College Park. David Potter, CEO, grew up in poverty but fought his way forward, earning a full-ride scholarship from Bill Gates and studying finance. Abb Kapoor, COO, came to America with immigrant parents and has always reached for the American dream through studying engineering & computational finance. Their sophomore year, they both ended up getting rejected for every off-campus housing opportunity because of the lack of a strong and established credit score and decided to eradicate this problem from the world.

Who is your competition and how do you distinguish your company?:

Curu’s largest competitors are Credit Karma, Credit Sesame and Mint. Credit Karma and Credit Sesame focus on consumer credit reporting and Mint on personal finance management and bill payments. 

Credit is systematically complicated, especially for those with no credit experience. Currently, companies are approaching this by putting simpler management in the user’s hand. This is useless and inconvenient for the user. We understand that we can unwind the complications of credit without getting in the users’ way. People are more comfortable with an automated system (I.e. a robo-advsior) to help them build credit rather than credit experts or even themselves. Along with that, we are targeting millennials looking to establish credit by signing them up for their first lines of credit and providing a supplementary service to ensure they are building credit properly. 

Connection to CFH:

The entire Curu family prides itself on its diversity and inclusion, which has been a parallel mission to the growing Charlotte Fintech community. After graduating from Queen City Fintech’s Class 6 in June of 2017, we made it our goal to be connected and involved with the growing Fintech agenda in the Carolinas. We recently became connected with the Charlotte Fintech Hub through our technical advisor, Mark Woollen, and view this partnership as a way to stay connected to the community and grow with the Queen City as it becomes the financial technology capital of the world!

Recent Accomplishments and Challenges (share with our audience how your company has made recent progress)

Over the past few months since graduating from QC Fintech, we’ve made tremendous progress in all areas of company development. We’ve opened up a pre-seed funding round that is anticipated to close March. Along with that, we’ve secured our core team and various product-related partnerships that have enabled us to finish our mobile application, begin testing with hundreds of users and gear up for an early-April public launch. 

What is Next?… (for you, the industry, the next 5 years?)

Once we complete the total automation of credit building through our mobile application and expand our platform beyond iOS, we will then look to white-label our system with various financial institutions and fintech companies around the world https://apoteketgenerisk.com/. Banks and credit unions have a strong innovation initiative, especially on their mobile platforms, and we plan to be on the forefront of that technological expansion. As the millennial generation is becoming older and more financially independent, Curu will provide a service that will promote financial literacy while also becoming the flagship company in robo-advising for credit.

Ask bloggers – who would you recommend we reach out to for a blog like this…

  • Key players in bank and credit union partnerships and mobile banking development
  • Angel investors interested in getting into pre-seed investments