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June 29, 2021

YTAC Summer Internship Program Application

This month, we celebrate YTAC over a year of YTAC and three successful cohorts that have expanded the program to hundreds of students across the country. During these past three cohorts, our students have had amazing opportunities to interact with leaders in the fintech industry, including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Barings, and LendingTree. Our students have also had the opportunity to share their skills and talents, competing in a variety of competitions of different focuses, such as programming, game design, digital marketing, and digital art.

When CFH brought Robinhood to Charlotte, our students used their creative digital art skills to make designs welcoming the firm to Charlotte.

When we partnered with Epic Games to hold a game development competition, our students used programming and design skills to build their own games from scratch in just a matter of weeks.

Cohort Three 1st Place Winner

When our students made their own game design studio, students worked to 3d model game assets, design game soundtracks from scratch, create digital renderings, and write storyboards.

“Ballroom Theme”, Student-Produced Game Track

Our students represent an amazingly diverse group that boasts equally diverse talent. Both the accomplishments of our students and relationships with leaders in the fintech industry are reasons why we are excited to launch a two-week, full-time, in-person, summer internship program this July that connects talented students in Charlotte and Wilmington with leading firms in the fintech industry. Students are encouraged to apply at the form attached below. The program will run from July 19th to the 30th, with students participating in six hours a day from (9 AM-12 PM & 1-4 PM, one-hour lunch break in-between) of paid, structured instruction at a rate of 9.50 per hour. In this program, students will work through a curriculum that is composed of three sections:

  • Understanding the firm that they are assigned to, including the products and services it offers and the clientele that it serves
  • The completion of a user experience (UX) whitepaper from the perspective of a Gen Z consumer
  • The utilization of programming and STEM skills, which will be a critical part of instruction throughout the program, to create a proof-of-concept of an idea that aligns with the mission of the firm you have been assigned to and implements part of your feedback from the UX whitepaper.

Students walk away with a stipend of $570.00, an internship experience with a leading fintech firm, and a personal project to show the technical skills that they have gained.

For any questions, please contact Cristian Ponce at

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