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April 1, 2020

Ep 037: News Roundup – Special Guest Steve Boehm joins the Pit


Episode 37 of the Fintech Moshpit – News Roundup includes an all star cast of Fintech and Tech leaders to discuss topics ranging from SBA Loans, social responsibilities of companies and CEOs in the time of COVID, how commerce is being reshaped with stay at home orders, and much more.

Guests of the show today include:

  • Steve Boehm, former Senior Exec of AvidXchange, eBay, First Data and Wachovia
  • Chris Hart, CEO & Co-Founder of Levvel
  • Patrick Rivenbark, Exec for Catalyte
  • Scott Harkey, Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Payments at Levvel
  • And the Carolina Fintech Hub Production Team: Brian Adams (Producer), Pasha Maher (Talent), and Katie Knish (Innovation)