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September 15, 2020

WIN: How a Life-Changing Program Provides New Opportunities for Aspiring Technologists

The Workforce Investment Network (WIN) program is more than just an intensive 24-week program – it’s a life-changing opportunity. The best way to fully understand that point is to meet the WIN graduates themselves.

These are just two of the 46 graduates from Cohort 2 of the WIN program who recently completed the intensive 24-week program. Their peers have similar stories—full-time mothers and fathers attempting to re-enter the workforce, veterans searching for their first career after having served their country, and many others struggling to find a promising career despite their potential.

Figure1: A demographic overview of the participants of the WIN program

This diverse group of ambitious and motivated future technologists met March 9th of this year to begin their journey learning how to code and work in a dynamic, growing industry. As COVID-19 forced everyone into isolation, it wasn’t the first time this resilient group had been thrown a curveball in their life. So, they adapted to an all-virtual environment, grew their skills, and continued to provide for their families even as several of their friends and loved ones were furloughed (while in the program WIN participants are paid roughly $2,500/month which is about $18/hr; there are also several resources—childcare, housing, transportation, and many more—available to all participants).

Next step in their journey? After graduating on Friday, August 21, all 46 of our graduates transitioned into full-time technology roles at Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Ally, Truist, and Lowe’s. While graduates start with a base salary of $55,000, they are expected to be making over six-figures in less than three years.

We are so proud of this group and we know they will continue to build on the legacy of their peers from Cohort 1. Be on the lookout in the upcoming months as we begin a series of profiles aimed to highlight some specific examples of these everyday heroes. You will hear stories of struggle, despair, self-doubt, and most importantly, resilience and perseverance.

In the meantime, there is still time if you are interested in applying for Cohort 3. See below for more information about the program.


About the WIN program…

Let’s start with something that we have all learned since leaving school – college is a luxury and it certainly isn’t for everyone.

While more and more people are making the decision to attend college, the experience from student to student can vary widely, even within the same school. For some students, attending a traditional university makes sense. If you can afford to do it and it works out for you, then great! Just realize that this is no longer the experience that a majority of students receive.

The reality for a growing majority of students is that asides from leaving school with crippling student debt, limited job prospects, and a diploma with dwindling value, graduates are also starting to realize that the skills they went to school for are no longer the skills of the future.

So, if you didn’t go to college, or if you went to college and you still don’t have the skills to get the job you want… what do you do? All the “good jobs” are taken anyway, right?

Actually, quite the opposite. Interestingly enough, businesses also have an issue finding talented people who can successfully fill these high growth positions in coding and technology.

To recap–that means people want to work and companies want to hire them, but there is currently a gap in training and preparing these candidates for success.

That’s where Carolina Fintech Hub is stepping in by introducing the Workforce Investment Network (WIN) program. Through this intensive 24-week training program, students will learn how to code, grow their soft skills, and receive on-the-job training at one of our hiring partners, all while getting paid! Still not enough? Well, if students satisfy all the criteria for graduation and complete the program, they will then transition to a full-time position at one of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Ally, Truist, Lowe’s, and many more!

The mission is to provide three things:

  • Provide upward mobility opportunities for economically distressed communities
  • Combat the perceived lack of technology talent in region
  • Increase the number of minorities pursuing careers in technology

While there is certainly a social positive resulting from the program’s expected outcomes, the CFH team and its sponsors do not view the WIN program as a charity, per se. Simply put, this program fills a business need while also doing good by the community. A true win-win.

Visit to find out more details and learn how to apply for consideration into the program. For more information about the program, please contact or plan to attend an upcoming information session.


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