Fintech Companies in the Carolinas


Amicus is an end-to-end software as a service and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform. The platform links an intuitive donor user experience on the front end with a robust back end solution that combines a donor management system, order processing, supply chain management, social media channel integration, and real-time field/need assessment capabilities.

Automated Insights

It was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2015


AvidXchange provides automated invoice and payment processes for midmarket companies spanning multiple industries, including real estate, financial services, energy and construction.


Benefitfocus provides employers and insurance carriers with a customizable technology platform to shop, enroll, manage and exchange benefits all in one place.

Bot Splash

Botsplash is a software as service company that builds, hosts and provides services for launching chatbots on Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Slack and other conversational platforms.


BrightDime is a financial wellness solution designed to create real behavior change in employees through an unbiased, integrated financial platform coupled with concierge features of personalized coaching and content.


Car Payment services rebranded as CarPay Inc, a enterprise SaaS company that provides an online payments portal for Buy Here Pay Here car dealers and their customers. The software allows BHPH customers to fully manage their loans online including making payments, viewing all receipts, viewing amortization schedule, generating estimated pay-off balances, communicating with the organization, spending periodic pictures of their vehicles and selling their accounts to secondary lenders.

Commerce Signals

In Commerce Signals' neutral data marketplace, data providers and data buyers collaborate with fresh 1st party data to make faster decisions in advertising and marketing measurement and effectiveness.

Curu Credit

Curu Credit is an app that maximizes users credit scores by automatically applying the best practices and actions to their credit accounts. It allows the user to actively optimize their credit score and financial standing without being and expert or making costly mistakes.


Deal Cloud is a cloud-based software that allows alternative investment firms to centrally manage all firm activities, collaborate efficiently, and to build a firm-wide knowledge base that can survive associate turnover. It facilitates a B2B professional network where private company buyers and sellers along with professional service firms, lenders, and executives can collaborate securely to manage the deal process.


Digitize.AI is an intelligent automation platform. It uses AI, machine learning, and robotic process automation technology to help digitize processes and create a digital workforce.

Duck Creek Technologies

Duck Creek Technologies develops and provides software solutions for the insurance industry for claim, product definition and rating, policy administration, underwriting, and billing applications.

Financial Tailor

Financial Tailor offers investment management using interactive tools.

Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix high-performance in-database analytics software DB Lytix achieves fast analytics and results up to 100x faster than conventional analytics.


GameEffective is an enterprise based gamification software platform that provides solutions for sales, customer service, and onboarding, offering clear calls to action, rich game narratives, and cross-platform interaction. GamEffective won Citi's Smarter Worklife Challenge from Citi Bank in March 2016.


InfiniGift allows users to create gift registries of financial products such as stocks and mutual funds. In addition, InfiniGift aim is to allows people to take the gifts they were already going to receive from life's major events (i.e. weddings) and turn them into the long term, financial products for their family.


Interloop is an intelligent sales execution platform built specifically for the challenges of managing complex sales. Interloop combines a powerful sales process platform with machine learning and data science to assist sales professionals with understanding their leads, tailoring sales content to unique buying personalities, creating a consistent sales process for sales execution and strategy. Interloop helps organizations eliminate wasted sales time, boost sales effectiveness, and win more business.

Kingsmen Software

Kingsmen Software delivers quality capital markets software, DevOps and Agile advisory services that share sophisticated development processes with clients.

Lapetus Solutions

Lapetus Solutions is an underwriting platform solutions for the life insurance industry. It enables CHRONOS to provide insurers with a more accurate prediction of individual lifespans in real time.


Monotto is a white-label personal finance platform that helps banks attract, engage, and derisk millennial account holders


nCino's bank operating system is a comprehensive, fully-integrated bank operating system that was created by bankers, for bankers, to drive increased profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance, and operating transparency at all organizational levels and across all lines of business. The company sells a cloud-based system to banks to simplify the loan process. nCino was formerly known as Bankr, LLC.


Papirys is a data encryption platform that allows people within an organisation to edit files while it is encrypted. The company creates an enterprise's blockchain database to provide the data security, verification & access efficiency for enterprises. Papirys is an operator of an encryption utility company. The company engaged in providing encryption utility services allows multiple people within an organisation to edit files while it is encrypted.


Passport is a software company that builds sleek mobile payments and operations management applications for the transit and parking industries. Passport work with their customers to create white-label parking solutions tailored to enhance their unique brand. Their applications supply cities with neatly reported operations and usage data while giving the user the ability to track the time and fare length of each trip they make or parking session that they begin.


PayBack provides a procure-through-pay financing and enablement platform for education, healthcare, and government buyers to increase savings, free cash flow and net asset value and to turn their purchasing and accounts payable functions profitable.


Payzer's mobile and cloud based platform allows customers to accept credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks in the field or at the home office with real-time tracking across their organization.


PCI Pal (formerly IPPlus PLC) is a London exchange listed company which provides secure card payment solutions to solve the PCI compliance issues facing contact centers & global organizations. PCI-PAL offers cloud-based products and services that enable organizations to securely take customer payments, safely store customer data, in particular credit card data, and to de-risk their business activities from the threat of data loss and cyber crime.

Private Wealth Systems

Private Wealth Systems is a financial technology company that provides a consolidated investment reporting platform. The Company’s multi-asset multi-custodial performance reporting platform provides account aggregation, normalization, performance calculation and client reporting that transcends all wealth levels.It enables clients to classify each security the way they want to deliver the analysis of asset allocation, investment policy reviews, and financial strategy.


Quartix is an cloud platform.It is designed to unlock this potential by seamlessly connecting buyers, suppliers & funders within a single eco-system, benefiting each of them with a tangible financial value, creating a truly win-win-win proposition.


Questis provides a financial wellness platform that provides guidance to employers and employees using software and credentialed advisers. The solution measures behaviors, sets goals and automates investing blending personalized advice, education, and technology.


RediPay is a Cloud-Based Enterprise Level Application to facilitate Direct Reimbursement Nationwide. This Peer-to-Peer (P2P) system links both Patients and Providers to improve the delivery of dental and vision benefits.


Safe Deposit Company has developed site remote cash deposit solutions that help businesses to receive next day credit, The credit can be received to an unlimited number of banks accounts in the US through smart safe access and deposits.

Simply Easier Payments

Simply Easier Payments provides a payment gateway for online and mobile use. It is a one stop "Software as a Solution" for online credit, debit and E-check services.


SpendBoss provides spend management and store logistics software. The spend management tool called 'SpendBoss' helps SMEs and multi-location retailer track analytics of orders, spend, receiving and budgets.

Syntelli Solutions Inc.

Syntelli is a data science technology firm which provides business intelligence and analytics services for financial institutions, retailers, pharma, telecom, etc.


Tradier offers developers, trading platform providers and investors an innovative trading platform and a rich set of real-time APIs.


uBack has developed a mobile app that allows users to make donations for non-profits organizations and charities.Users can simply register into the app and start instant donations to support the social causes. uBack is mainly focused on driving cost saving and higher supporter engagement rates.uBack is powered by Bank of America who protects all financial information.

Virtual StrongBox

Virtual StrongBox protects financial data for the FI's and provides them with a host of automated file exchange and secure file storage services.


WalletFi securely identifies any recurring payments to the monthly billing statements. WalletFi handles multi-factor authentication and guarantees bank-level security with read-only access.


WayaWaya enables users to send and receive money & payments across the world from their phones and web devices securely with no fraud risk. Users can send bank-to-bank, card-to-card and bank/card-to-mobile wallet transactions anywhere anytime. WayaWaya also enables easy and secure mobile POS payments and merchant payments.


YOBI FUND is a funding platform across a portfolio of distinctly managed subsidiaries focused on specific lines of business. They underwrite loans and leases which are originated and managed online.


Zenmonics provides information technology and business solutions to the banking and finance sectors, and software vendors. Its services include application development, process management, systems integration, application support and maintenance.

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