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Ep28: WTF is Libra? WTF is Digital Banking?

On this episode of the Fintech Moshpit, we are joined by Caroline Hudson of the CBJ and Juan Garzon of CLT Inno to discuss what's hot in the news; Micheal Clegg of Q Works Group stops by to discuss everything talent and jobs; and the moshpit convenes to break down WTF...

Tension in Fintech

The Fintech Moshpit discusses the theme of 'tension in fintech', ranging from topics in the upcoming Fintech Generations conference, to payments and more.

The Real-Time Payments Episode

This week, the Fintech Moshpit dives deep into the topic of real-time payments. Our real-time payments build-a-thon, in partnership with The Clearing House, Oracle, Opus Consulting and Yodlee is almost upon us, and registrations for teams close on May 10th.

The 5G Episode

The Fintech Moshpit discusses 5G at a very basic level, highlights the recent news of Verizon choosing 20 cities to roll out in 2019 (including CLT), and what that could mean for the future of Fintech.

This week on the CFH Fintech Moshpit Podcast = ROBIN HOOD! What happened? Was it the right thing to do? What is going to happen next? Should I open a Robinhood account in the future? Our #fintech moshpit tackles the tough questions and butts heads as tempers flare...

Company Profile: AskMyUncleSam

Company Name: AskMyUncleSam Leadership Team: Busayo Ogunsanya, CPA/MST and Jogen Shah, CTO Website/Social Platforms: Company Overview...