PayCLT 2022 End of Year Recap

PayCLT brings together a dynamite panel of industry leaders to dissect what happened in payments during 2022 and what's upcoming during 2023PayCLT is excited to have payments industry all-stars Jennifer Lucas (Head of Payments at EY), Margaret Weichert (North American Head of Payments at Accenture) and Scott Harkey (EVP Financial Services & Payments at Endava) […]

PayCLT: Consumer Payments & ‘Authorized Fraud’

Join us to learn what expansion of consumer protections into 'authorized fraud' instances means for financial institutions.Chances are high that you or someone you know may have experienced attempted fraud or scam events in digital payment experiences recently. Historically, financial institutions have only had to provide protections for 'unauthorized transactions,' but regulations and public sentiment […]

PayCLT: Ernest Rolfson, CEO Finexio – Accounts Payables As A Service

EY wavespace™ (Ernst & Young at Railyard South End Charlotte) 1422 South Tryon Street, #Suite 400, Charlotte, NC, United States

Join us to learn about innovations within the accounts payables industry, where checks somehow remain the prevalent payment choiceBusiness to business payments remain a difficult proposition, with greater than 50% of payments still occurring with checks today. Efforts to create a smoother experience are underway with industry players like AvidXchange and, but a lot […]

PayCLT: Keith Riddle, BankiFi – Embedded Banking & Small Businesses

Method 201 S College St Suite 800, Charlotte, NC, us

Join us to learn how embedded finance can be a champion for the small business industry!PayCLT is excited to welcome Keith Riddle, CEO of the Americas at BankiFi to present how embedded finance can be the champion for the small business industry.Keith brings a breadth of financial services experience spanning new product development, partnership management, […]

PayCLT: Appbrilliance, Jessica DiRubio – RTP & the Customer Experience

Jessica DiRubio will discuss the emerging customer experiences being built on top of RTPPayCLT is excited to welcome Jessica DiRubio, Head of Growth at Appbriliance, to present how the customer experience needs to evolve on pace with RTP.Real time payments are here, and there has been great innovation on the foundational money movement capabilities but […]

PayCLT: Unlocking the Secrets of Real-Time Payments

Unlocking the Secrets of Real-Time Payments: An Insider’s Look at Making it HappenAre you tired of waiting for payments to process? Want to know how banks are breaking barriers and creating real-time payment systems? Join us for an in-depth exploration of the “operational realities” behind the world of fast payments.Our expert speakers will guide you […]

PayCLT: Michael Young, CEO Photon Commerce- Streamlining Payment Processing

Michael Young will discuss how new remittance and AP/AR frameworks are the new global standard for bill and receipt processingPayCLT is excited to welcome Michael Young, CEO of Photon Commerce to present how AI is improving the AP / AR invoicing and remittance processing.The invoicing industry is ripe for digital disruption, with 50% of all […]

PayCLT: Sushil Prabhu, CEO Dropp — Micropayment Economy

Sushil Prabhu will discuss the unexplored micropayment economy and how it remains significantly underserved in the digital payments world.PayCLT is excited to welcome Sushil Prabhu, CEO of Dropp to present how the Micropayment economy remains significantly underserved in the world of digital payments. Micropayments, often referred to as the small-value payment sector, remain significantly underserved […]

PayCLT: Matt Miller, EWS VP of Paze – How will bank digital wallets win?

Matt Miller, VP of EWS's Paze product, comes to PayCLT to discuss the vision and path forward for bank's digital walletsPayCLT is excited to welcome Matt Miller, EWS's VP of the Paze digital wallet product, to discuss the way forward for financial institutions to provide meaningful digital wallet customer experiences. Online checkout has been a […]